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Seeds are specially selected for Maine growers. 


Your whole family will love the garden you will grow using our quality seeds!

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Heirloom Seeds

Individual seed packets collected and preserved from the THMS Heirloom Seed Garden.

Seed descriptions here

Individual  seed packets for sale


__ Jaune Flamme Tomato

__  Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry

__  Big Rainbow Tomato

__  Black Cherry tomato

__  Black Hugh's Tomato 

__ Black Prince Tomato

__ Camp Joy Cherry Tomato

__  Russian Pear Tomato

__ Chateau Rose Tomato

__ Yellow Pear

__ Trophy Tomato

__ Black Russian Tomato

__ Garden Peach Tomato

__ Sochulak Tomato

__ Pink Grapefruit Tomato

__ Pink Oxheart Tomato

__ Hugh's tomato

__ Pink Ping Pong tomato

__Yellow Stuffer Tomato

__ Spoon Tomato

__ Moldovan Green Tomato

__ Wonderlight Tomato

__ Zapotec Tomato 

__ Sennebec Orange Tomato

__ Yellow Brandywine Tomato


Bean Pole Dry

__ Mayflower

__ Flagg

Bean Pole Snap

__ Rattlesnake
__ Kentucky Wonder


Bean Bush Dry

__ Calypso

__ Papo de rola Penguin

__ Peregion

__ Tiger Eye

__ Black Coco

__ Zuni Shalako Bean

__ Black Nightfall

__ Dakota Black Popcorn
__ Boothby's Blond Cucumber



__ Cocozelle Yellow Squash

__ Alaska Mix Nasturtiums

__ Benary's Giant Mix Zinnia

__ Bright Lights Swiss Chard

__ Autumn Beauty Sunflower

__ Mammouth Sunflower

__ Moulin Rouge Sunflower

__ Sweet Basil

__ Provider Bush Green Beans

__ Green Arrow Shell Peas

__ Marketmore Slicing Cucumbers

__ Burgess Buttercup Squash

__ Scarlet Nautes Carrot

__ Space Spinach

__ Sensation Mix Cosmos

__ Early Wonder Tall Top Beets

__ Salad Bowl Lettuce

__ Red Salad Bowl Lettuce



These seeds are specially selected for Maine growers.




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___ Fresh off the rack. $ 7.95

THMS Garden Project canvas sage grocery tote, "Growing Stronger Students for our Community"



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THMS Garden Company

173 Lincolnville Ave

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All proceeds from garden sales go back into the garden project to

support student learning projects.