Oral History Questions

Name:________________________________                   Date:___________________

1. Can you tell me your full name? Do you know why you were given this name?

2. When were you born?

3. Can you tell me the name of the town and state you were born in? Was that in a hospital or at home?

4. When did you or your family first arrive in the state of Maine? Why did you or your family come to Maine?

5. Tell me a little bit about your family background or heritage?

6. How did being part of this particular ethnic group effect or shape your life?

7. What was it like growing up? Did you have any kind of chores you had to do as a child?  Did you have any bothers or sisters and what chores were they responsible for?

8. Was life different for boys than girls?  Did being a boy/girl influence any decisions you made later in life?

9. Did you and your friends have a special place where you spent your time? Where was it and what did you do there?

10. What was life like for you when you were 12 or 13 years old?

11. What would you consider the most important invention in your life time?

12. Where do you live now and why do you live there?

13. What is/was you occupation and why did you choose this?

14. Is there any other information or stories you’d like to share with me today?

*** Remember to thank the person you are interviewing.