Maine History Studies

Passamaquoddy Indians, Portland, 1920
People of the Dawn 

A TIMELINE of Native American Culture, 18,500 BP (before the present) to Today

Trees and Traditions: Maine Indians  and the Forest

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Prehistoric Peoples of Maine

Paleo-Indian Period (10,000 - 5,000 B.P.)
Archaic or Red Paint people (8,000 - 1,400 B.P.)
Woodland or Ceramic Indian Period (2500 - Present)

Peoples of the Dawnland

The Paleoindian Period (9500 - 8000 B.C.)  The Museum of Illinois

Prehistory in New England

The Paleo-Indian Period throughout the continental U.S.

The Archaic Period (c. 9000-2500 years ago)  Nova Scotia Museum


Woodland Indians

Archaic and Woodland  cultures from the last 10,000 years. 

Indian Tribes of Maine

Prehistoric Ontario  Paleo, Archaic and Woodland Indian periods in Ontario.  Easy to read, good illustrations and good background to the Prehistoric Peoples of Maine
Indian Peoples of the Dawnland  Map of the Abenakis and their Native American neighbors.

Abbe Museum  The Wabanaki Tribes of Maine.

Smithsonian Institution's Native American History and Culture.

Maine Indians:  A Web Resource List for Teachers

Abbe Museum   Celebrating Maine's Native American Heritage

Twelve Thousand Years  American Indians in Maine, the text

Wabanaki people  

Learn about Modern  Wabanaki Artisans

Wabanaki Biographies Menu

Maine Native Americans

Penobscot Brown Ash Basketry

The story of Louis Sockalexis from Old Town.  The first known American Indian to play Major League baseball.  Baseball's First Indian

Sandra Lovelace

A Biography of Anna Mae

Native Languages
 of the Americas: Maliseet (Malecite, Malécite, Malecites, Malisit)  

Women of the Dawn  “Four Mollys” Reawakens Wabanaki Past

E-books by and about Native Americans

Belfast, Maine

History of Belfast, 1886 History of Colonial Theatre Belfast Historical Society
Book- History of the City of Belfast in the State of Maine: 1887


Reflector ovens  were used by the woodsmen and riverdrivers in the Maine's forest, starting back in the early 19th century. Many meals were prepared in their outdoors, and the only way they could prepare baked goods was with the reflector oven. No better method has been invented to be used in front of a campfire, and the results, with the proper procedure, are always excellent.

Windows on Maine  Windows on Maine offers free streaming and downloadable video, multimedia, and supporting materials about Maine's history, science, and ecology for students, teachers, and educators.

Maine Memory Network

All About Maine: Detailed History

Imagine Maine Browse galleries of new images or old glass plates from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. "Mrs. Higgins Maine Studies Links"

Northeast Historic Film's Online Collections Guide of unique moving-image materials relating to the history and culture of northern New England.

Streamline Video Contents include local features, resourcesstreaming video in a partnership with Time Warner Road Runner and Northeast Historic Films.

United States and the World

Today in History Each day an event from American history is illustrated by digitized items from the Library of Congress American Memory historic collections.

Early American History Discover primary source documents from early American history--- scenes and portraits from original newspapers, maps and writings. 

A History of American Agriculture  by decade and category.  Food Timeline  K-12 teacher resources for food history lessons.    Timeline of Farming in the U.S.

EyeWitness Eyewitness history takes a look at major events in history from the perspective of eyewitnesses.

HyperHistory If you're into history, this is the place for you. You can choose a time period or a specific event or person to learn more about. Navigates through 3,000 years of world history. 

History Place Great online history exhibits.

Education First: Black History Activities Contains six Web sites created as models to suggest ways to integrate the World Wide Web and videoconferencing into classroom learning. American History with a focus on Colonial and Revolutionary Philadelphia.

Women In World History Curriculum
Discover the role of women in world history through essays, Q&A's and lessons. There are profiles of women rulers and heroes with links to other resources. This site covers women from all periods of history and cultures from Empress Wu Zetian of China to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The Words of Wisdom section has quotations from both men and women on the importance of women's equality. 

HyperHistory Online  HyperHistory covers the last 3000 years with timelines, graphics, texts and maps of world history. Timelines in the History section display the activities of major civilizations up to the present. People and Event timelines are colour-coded according to subject: science, culture, religion and politics. The Event section covers 1790-1998 in detail, and the People section has bios of over 700 personalities. 

Internet History Sourcebooks Project   Paul Halsall is the editor of several sourcebooks that contain historical texts from the public domain. The Ancient History Sourcebook covers early civilizations such as Greece, Persia and Egypt. Next comes the Medieval Sourcebook which has writings about the Crusades, Byzantium, Islam and the Reformation. In the Modern History Sourcebook, find out about the French Revolution, imperialism and colonialism. Other sourcebooks cover African, Indian, East Asian and Jewish history. 

A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents  If you're a student of U.S. history, you'll love this site. All of the major U.S. historical documents are included in this comprehensive listing. Read Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, the Declaration of Independence, German Surrender Documents or the Truman Doctrine. 

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