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Welcome Seventh Graders

Where do inventors get their ideas?  What is an Entrepreneur?
How are these different, or is one really just extension of the other?

Inventors, Entrepreneurs and You!

  In thisinvention lesson we will be looking at inventions and the people who invented them.  We will also be taking a look at some entrepreneurs and the business that they have started.  

Due Dates

Feb 11th - Madam C.J.'s timeline

Feb. 10th - Story Board
Feb. 16th - iMovie presentations begin

Preliminary activity:  Begin research about entrepreneurs in the library and on your laptop. Choose the entrepreneur that most captures your attention. Next, prepare a flowchart of the person's life, portraying choices made and identify opportunity costs You should also identify examples of innovative, resourceful or creative behaviors of the entrepreneur you are researching. 

Build on the lessons you have already learned illustrating the flowchart of Madam C. J. Walker's choices and opportunity costs in life.  

The challenge:  Research an entrepreneur or an invention from New England or African American History, then create a multimedia presentation for the class.  Please follow the Research Questions/ Story Board forms below to guide your research.  This must be done before beginning your iMovie.  Your completed iMovie must not exceed 3 minutes in length.  All sources (the credits) must be identified in your movie.  

Guides  for:
Research Questions / Story Board     Inventions         Entrepreneurs

Bibliography Site (use for final slide)
NoodleTools Quick Site
    Sample  Storyboard    DC Storyboards
You will be taking notes on each others final presentations.
The notes should include:
1.    The invention or business,
2.    The inventor or entrepreneur,
3.    And a sentence summarizing how this invention or product/service is beneficial
        to our quality of life.

Extra Credit

Identify businesses in your town which were started by:
Local entrepreneurs or inventors.

What kinds of jobs have they created in our community?

Trace the flow of dollars generated by the enterprise.  

Has someone earned money through this enterprise to buy shoes, go to the movies,
pay taxes,  purchase groceries or feed their family through the THMS Garden Stand

2.   Interview an inventor or entrepreneur in your community.   Do a report to add to a class collage representing the different businesses in our community.  The report should demonstrate the reality of peoples ideas at work in our local community.

Questions to ask of the entrepreneur, business owner, or inventor comes in as a guest speaker:

What dream did you start with?

What did it take for your dream to become a reality?
Where are you now and do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Please ask your teachers for any help you may need.            
GOOD LUCK!          

Warm-up Web Sites
Did you ever want to have your own design on a snowboard, skiboard or skateboard?  
Join the
 design contest  to win a new board and t-shirt!

Freebord   A new invention that is an integrated spin-off of both skateboarding and snowboarding.  
Click on "Watch the Ride" to see freeboarding in action.

Technology at Home   See how technology has changed over time.   You may need Shockwave to fully utilize this site.

Historical Inventions   A comprehensive list of inventions is included here to consider for your research.

Indexes of Inventors

Specific Inventions

Search alphabetically for Inventors/ Inventions  

Commonly used Inventions
Invention Dimension
 INVENTORS and short biographies
  Levi-jeans Wristies®
American Inventions
National Inventors Hall of Fame

Chocolate Chip Cookie
American Inventors
Invention at Play

  Liquid Paper Zamboni

  Lawn Mower Can Opener

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Pacemaker Zipper

Patent Links

...a content-rich site with images of over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955


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