My Country Project
    Part 1
    In Grade 6 Social Studies, you began a project designed to take three years to complete.  You learned about latitude, longitude, climate, culture and physical features.  You also named your country.  In your portfolio, you should have three maps which include:
        1.  Location
        2.  Terrain
        3.  Cities and Towns

    What should be in your portfolio includes:
        1.  Naming your country.
        2.  Creating a shape.
        3.  Locating your nation on a world map.
        4.  Your country plotted out using latitude and longitude. 
        5.  Designing surface features such as rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, borders, etc.
        6.  Climate, vegetation and animal life.
        7.  Choose where your capital, cities, towns are located.
        8.  Your map should include a key or legend to help others read your map.
    You can choose one of the following forms below to tell others about your country.
        Tour Guide
    These items should be included in your country:
        climate                 religions
        history                 arts
        celebrations         literature
        ceremonies          education
        language             recreation
        foods                  housing

    Added features could be a flag or motto for your country.


Part 2

    Now it is time to start adding the economic piece of your country. 

Please check off and date each item as you complete. 
Keep all work in your Country Folder.

    #1  _____   “My Country Intro”  sheet     

    #2  _____  Pass in coin, currency, & stamp

    #3  _____  List of major industries & the product
                                                 or service

    #4  _____  List of the top five sources of Revenue
                                                 & Types of Jobs

    #5  _____  List for  Per Capita Income 
                                                &  Gross Domestic Product   ( GNP )

    #6  _____  List of Unemployment rates  &  Literacy rate

    #7  _____  Ads ... Retail Newspaper Ad in BDN which influences promoting new business & tourism brochure.

    #8   _____ Business letter to neighboring countries.  Discuss why they should become trading partners with your country. 
    #9   _____   Create a newspaper headline from your country.

    You may use any means of your choosing to complete the work on phase 2 of your country.  You may only add to and revise previous sections of your country.  Do not discard any materials in which you are making improvements. 
In grade 8, you will be adding a government to your country.