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bullet eye Welcome back Middle School fans.  I was looking through our school's web pages and thought it was time for an upgrade.  The links aren't working and it looks outdated.  We could really use your expert help in designing a new, up to date school page.  

After you've taken a look at our old page , I would like each of you to choose a state and explore some of their middle school web sites.  Please choose a state that begins with the same letter as the first letter in your name.  Make sure to use the Evaluating Websites form located on your teachers table.  Looking forward to seeing what you discover :-)

Choose your state:  Middle Schools on the Web: A Worldwide Adventure

Martin Luther King Jr.  Powerful Days

bullet eyeMove and Improve    run
bullet eye Inventions and Entrepreneurs
bullet eye Veteran's Day Cyber Hunt

bullet eye Pizza Garden

bullet eye Visit the Wetlands    Guest Password: futureteacher

bullet eye THMS Country Project: Culture, Economy and Government

bullet eyeChina Timeline                    Guide to Modern China                China Timeline

bullet eye Economics Test

bullet eye Start here   Olympic History: Should We Bring It to Maine?  Good luck!   

bullet eye "You'll pay through the nose"      Mr. T's Test: 

bullet eye Black History Month/ Quizzes

See what you know about these civil rights leaders. People of Peace
Find out how much you know about the great thinkers who brought change through peace.

Martin Luther King Jr. Quizzes
A central figure of the turbulent '60s, Martin Luther King was a champion of racial equality. See what you know about this civil rights leader.

For Kids

For Adults

bullet eye

DiscoveryMe Online History Project

bullet eye Who Writes History?

Please read the following pages before trying the explorers quiz: Myths About Explorers/ Just Where Was Columbus?

Are you ready? Then enter here Explorers Quiz

bullet eye Please Note- Your S. S. Economic Folders should contain the following notes before you begin:

People make choices every day.  
When choices are made, something is given up.
The highest forgone alternative is the opportunity cost.
Entrepreneurs undertake or assume the risk of organizing natural, human, and capital resources to produce goods and services.
Entrepreneurs make decisions and face opportunity costs.
Entrepreneurs are innovative, creative, and resourceful.

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